About Outlas

Outlas was launched by Prince Grace in April 2015 as a dynamic catalog of news, data, and resources for people from vulnerable communities around the world looking for security-focused news. As global interconnectedness has increased, so too has the need for context-sensitive tools supporting inclusive, informed mobility and advocacy across geographic scale for individuals under threat of persecution because of who they are.

How It Works

The categories above a post’s title connect you to geographically- and group-related information, while tags at the bottom of posts connect you to more specific related content clusters.  Identity categories are included based on vulnerability in a given geographic context.


Outlas aggregates information from a variety of sources, including major local and global news publications, well-established blogs and websites, select social platforms, and governmental and non-governmental organizations.  Content comes in four types:

  • News connects you with timely, concise information on security developments.
  • Research features concise breakdowns of the most security-relevant results of studies on conditions faced by vulnerable communities.
  • Features highlights longform, multimedia content from external sources that provide more extensive contextual and historical information on contemporary issues.
  • Perspectives promotes first-person accounts and video playlists at the intersection of multiple identities and locations, giving you access to information on the lived experiences of diverse people around the world.
Browse & Search

If you have a particular area of interest, Outlas’s menus and categories provide you with the keys to the information most relevant to you.

  • Planning a trip to China soon? Use the regional menu to find region-specific information about East Asia and the subregion of Northeast Asia. Clicking on the “China” tag at the bottom of a China-specific post or searching “China” will connect you with all of Outlas’s China content.
  • Curious about what’s happening with LGBT rights around the world?  Use the Who? menu and select “Sexual + Gender Minorities” to connect with LGBT-specific content.
  • Studying how different communities confront similar issues? The Why? menu connects you with issues like healthcare rights and free expression impacting multiple communities.
  • More interested in finding areas around the world taking the right steps towards security and equality for all? The How? menu breaks down information by social climate impact on a scale of 5 (Excellent) to 1 (poor).
  • But say you’re an Arab Muslim woman traveling to the U.K. and you’d like to learn about the on-the-ground conditions affecting people like you there.  Opening the search box magnifying glass in the top menu and typing Arab Muslim woman U.K. will pull up any information in Outlas’s content constellation relevant to your search.
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