Welcome to Outlas, the atlas of global identity security.

You often hear of food security, economic security, national security, and the like.  But what about identity security? How does who you are affect you where you are?

For the atlas of the 21st century, location is as much who as where you are. Outlas is on the scene to map the news by where it happens, who is affected, why it matters, and how it impacts human security.

A news atlas, media catalog, and digital archive all in one, Outlas indexes global affairs through digestible briefs and cross-cultural inventories organized by their effects on the world’s most vulnerable communities, from ethnic and sexual minorities to women and immigrants. Outlas advocates for both contextual and intersectional understandings of diversity and global security, promoting informed mobility while highlighting overlapping humanitarian, cultural, and civil rights issues among minority, underrepresented, and historically disadvantaged communities around the world.

Start out by checking the latest of more than 1,000 posts on news and features from more than 150 countries or view the Index, a catalog of the more than 250 social groups covered by Outlas.

Founder/Editor: Prince Grace
Created: April 2015

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