The Tuesday Rounds

Launch of U.S. alliance targeting young men of color, global climate change’s gender-disproportionate effects, labor exploitation in Australia, findings from a report on international religious freedom, identifying global child disability, and more in today’s Rounds…

Race, Ethnicity & Nationality


Immigration & Displacement

Religion & Belief

  • ISIS claims responsibility for gunmen’s attack on Texas (U.S.) exhibit and Muhammad-drawing contest, but authorities have yet to establish direct connection. (NYT)
  • Head of Russia‘s Communist Party ends interview following question on discrepancy between the party’s contemporary pro-religion stance and its anti-religion history. (Echo of Moscow, via Meduza)
  • Key takeaways from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s recent report. (Washington Post)

Sexual & Gender Identity

  • The top executives of some of Australia‘s biggest companies call on political leaders to support and pass marriage equality in the country. (Guardian)
  • Profiles of transmen in Colombia, often marginalized or invisible in trans identity discourse, and the insufficient structures in place for official recognition of their identity. (El Espectador, in Spanish)
  • Four reportedly charged in Morocco between February and April for homosexual relations. (La Nación, in Spanish)

Health & Ability

  • Global public health advocates and experts look to local communities for identification of children suffering from disabilities. (


  • South African parliamentarians debate status of freedom in the country on 21st anniversary of its first democratic elections. (Mail & Guardian)

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